Candy Girl and the Boy with Marbles


One day a boy who has a bag of marbles proposes a trade with a girl who has a bag of candy. The girl gladly agrees. But as the boy gets out his marbles, he realizes that he can’t bear to part with some of them. Rather dishonestly, he takes three of his best marbles and hides them under his pillow. The boy and girl make the trade, and the girl never knows he has cheated her. But that night while the girl lies fast asleep, the boy has no peace. He is wide awake, pondering a question that nags at him: “I wonder if she kept her best candy, too?”

Like that little boy, many of us walk through life plagued by the question “has god given me his best?” but the question that we must answer first is “am I giving god my best?”

Where are you right now? Have you given god everything within you, or do you still hold your favorite marbles in your hands?


Ravi Zacharias (I Kissed Dating Good-bye).

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