Synthesis Message of Cleansing of Temple


Since we have gone through the exegesis of each gospel with regard to the cleansing of the Temple, we are now in an able position to understand the meaning of this theme in the Gospel. Now you may be wondering if we have gone through the exegesis of each gospel then what more is there to understand further from it. In fact the real meaning of the each Gospel episode is derived when we are able to bring together and synthesis all the exegetical studies done on the same theme from various biblical text. For each independent exegetical study mainly brings out only the contextual meaning and message of the event, because each narrator is writing the same event but to a particular community and for addressing their particular needs and sometime their particular issues. Therefore it stands necessary to drive a synthesis of various exegetical study found in books of the Bible pertaining to the same event if we have to have a comprehensive understanding of the meaning and message of that event. Therefore in our case, in order to have a comprehensive understanding of the message of cleansing of the Temple by Jesus we need to derive a synthesis of all four exegetical studies pertaining to the narration of the cleansing of the Temple found in all four gospels. Then let’s start with it.

After the cleansing of the Temple, Mark tells us, ‘Jesus “taught”.’ The essential content of this “teaching” is succinctly expressed in these words of Jesus: “Is it not written: ‘My house shall be called a house of prayer for all the nations?’ But you have made it a den of robbers” (Mk 11, 17). In this synthesis of Jesus’ teaching on the Temple – as we already saw in the exegesis – two different prophecies are combined.


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