A Farewell Tribute to My Angel – Part 5


Again, a moment of deep silence.

A moment! Yet like an eternal moment.

Then within me went a long –

Hour of battle – a battle of Titans.

‘Of fear,’ Of letting-go

Of my achievements,

Of authority and power. And –

‘Of Courage’ to

Learn the ‘Way,’

Of Servant-hood,

Of humility and humiliation.

At end, Courage won

With help of Determination and Grace –

To listen,

To listen, to the voice whispered in my heart.

Never knowing fully

What will befall me. Yet embraced it.

With God given courage, I

Acknowledge all my iniquities.

But with a subtle pride, that

I could withstand the aftermath myself.

But the aftermath was –

So horror some, that

I couldn’t withstand, and

Was on verge of breakdown.

For I was reduced to ashes

By my own so called friends.

My own once stronghold.

Now I am left with nothing to cling on.

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