Margaret Atwood


Margaret Atwood is one of the prominent Canadian writers living today. She has tried her versatile hand quite successfully at different genres of literature like fiction, poetry, drama, short story, criticism and journalistic sketches, besides being a renowned editor. Margaret Atwood has also made a substantial contribution to feminist literature, being an outstanding champion of women’s rights, inspiring several women to write. The best of Atwood’s works, however, transcend all barriers – national, political or gender. She is also one of the most decorated of contemporary authors in Canada. Born in Ottawa, Ontario in 1939, Margaret Atwood spent her early life in northern Quebec where her father was engaged in the study of insects. The influence of the “sparsely settled bush country” could be seen in her references to the wilderness and animals in her works. She is a keen and passionate observer of Canadian life and environment. Her works provide a significant insight into Canadian life, heritage, and literature.

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