Trial of Jesus


 All four gospels tell us that Jesus’ night prayer was brought to an end when an armed group of soldiers, sent by the temple authorities and led by Judas, came and arrests him, leaving the disciples unharmed. This arrest – evidently ordered by the temple authorities and ultimately by the high priest Caiaphas – how did it come about? How did it come to pass that Jesus was handed over to the tribunal of the Roman Governor Pilate and condemned to death on the Cross? To understand such questions, the gospels allow us to distinguish three stages in the juridical process leading to the sentence of death: a meeting of the Council in the house of Caiaphas, Jesus’ hearing before the Sanhedrin, and finally the trial before Pilate.

Here I will be using a particular methodology of writing, similar to that of the author of the Letter to Hebrews. This is because the theme “Trial of Jesus” will be running down to a couple of articles. The important aspect of this way of writing is that each of my articles will have its own independent theme besides the one main theme “Trial of Jesus” and each individual theme will conclude by introducing the theme of my next article on “Trial of Jesus.” Isn’t that an amazing methodology!


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