A Farewell Tribute to My Angel – Part 11


A re-narration,

Of the return of the Prodigal son.

With praises and blessings

To God my Saviour

For all that Thou had done to me.


A heart spelled – thanks

To the angle girl.

Who stood by me.

A living statement of Friendship.


  1. Hi Sharon, beautiful words and yes some friends can seem like Angles but of course they are like us also having weaknesses and shortcomings, it is not that Love is really blind but they just don’t make any difference when we really Love.

    I value very much those friends I have known for many years but also the new ones I meet, you are all unique and as Christians we have the Love of God uniting us in His Friendship and He is our Best Friend.

    Thanks for the pingback Sharon it was very much appreciated.

    Christian Love from both of us- Anne

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