Matthew 1: 18-25 – How Jesus Become Son of David?


In the genealogy Joseph was already presented as a descendent of David (Mt 1: 16) and now in Matthew 1: 20 the angel addresses him as “Son of David.” The title “Son of David” is applied to Jesus about 10 times in Matthew’s gospel and 4 times in Mark and Luke. But Matthew 1: 20 is the only instance in the New Testament of the title “Son of David” being given to someone other than Jesus. Precisely because it is through Joseph that Jesus is linked to the Davidic lineage, he himself is addressed as “Son of David.” Then the angel informs Joseph of the divine origin of the child and asks him to complete the marriage process by taking Mary home and to perform the role of a legal father to the child that will be born (Mt 1: 20-21). The Davidic son ship of Jesus is to be realized through Joseph, through his legal paternity. It is in view of this that the angel instructs Joseph ‘not to be afraid to take Mary as your wife” and asks him to name the child: “You shall call his name Jesus.” By giving the name Joseph is to acknowledge the child legally as his own. Thus Joseph’s role is specified by the angel, he is to be legal father of Jesus and Jesus’ own identity as Son of David is to be effected through the agency of Joseph.

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