Matthew 1: 18-25 – How Jesus Becomes Son of God?


Jesus is not only the Son of David, but he is also Son of God. This passage explains also the identity of Jesus as the Son of God. If Jesus is Son of David through Joseph, his identity as the Son of God is effected through the agency of the Holy Spirit. In the narrative section Matthew had already informed the reader that “Mary was found to be with the child of the Holy Spirit” (Mt 1: 18). The angelic message repeats this to Joseph for his own information (Mt 1: 20). The divine origin of Jesus is made clear in these sayings. The expression, “the child of the Holy Spirit” in Matthew 1: 18 do not indicate that the Holy Spirit is the father of the child, or that he is the male element in a union with Mary in the manner of divine-human unions in pagan mythologies. The conception of Jesus through the Holy Spirit is an act of creation, an act of divine love. In other words, Jesus is begotten as Son of God by the creative action of the Holy Spirit and not by a sexual action.

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