Is “Idol Worship” possible for people?

The Adoration of the Golden Calf'
The Adoration of the Golden Calf’

The topic for our inter-personal dialogue is:- 

“Is Idol Worship possible for people? If so, then, What do one understand by this term “Idol Worship?”

I would like to give it a start by pointing out some important areas for the discussion of this topic. Bible speaks of idol worship and condemns it vehemently right from the beginning of Old Testament onwards. And we could see in the Bible how Israelites often fall to this sin and punished by God. But I do not think that, in our modern times, anyone believes in idol worship though the term is used. And if the term is used without much or proper understanding. What do you say about this?

I have also put a few articles related to this subject for readers in case to view some opinions.


  1. Interesting. The concept of idol worship I think has evolved, but many people practice idolatry without realizing it.

  2. I do think that there are modern day idols, but no, not worshipped in the same sense as in the OT. The idolaters of today are swept up in a secular mindset, without even recognising this. Many today, don’t really Worship. They don’t know how to, as they don’t recognise God, They are ‘self-sufficient’.

    • Modern day ‘idols’ such as
      1. Money and all related to it such as spending, credit, debt, gambling
      2. Sexuality: immodestly, pornography,
      3. The internet: on-line chat rooms, gaming, social network sites, shopping
      4. Self-gratification: seeking immediate gratification regarding objects desired, living life to the full because ‘you only live once, you’re only young once’.
      I’m typing these down quickly, but I’m sure the list can be added to without too much effort…these ‘modern day idols’ are accepted as the norm in the secular society we find ourselves today. Many would probably disagree, but the evidence is clear. I see them as idols because it seems they are important to some/many , and they are seen to be the only way to live.
      It’s accepted even expected that everyone will have the latest phone, tv, tv game etc; to look at the exterior rather than the interior regarding people and how they dress, dressing according to fashion slavishly etc.
      In a society where relativity is king, everything goes, there are no expectations accepted as ‘the norm.’
      God does not feature…worshipping God does not feature. He is a forgotten entity. There is no time spent on prayer to God, time spent on secular activities classed as ‘prayer’ yes. The whole idea of worship does not come into the equation. Worship is out-dated.

  3. I disagree. Anything that one puts before God is considered to be an idol. I definitely believe this has been an ongoing issue and still continues. Think about it..Many people put money, work, shopping many things before their families and before God.

    Definitely a great subject to talk about….many, many blessings to you…Robin

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