To quench the thirst for words


Paper neat and white

With pen in hand.

Intend of mind to play with words.

But no thoughts flowed.

Then mind prompted –

Wait a while for words to form.

Time went by,

Frustration creeping in.

Forced the mind, pushed the heart

Not a word came for the pen to write.

Looked around, again and again

Gazed the nature,

Realised a yawn or two,

Beat the paper with pen,

Pushed the chair back, and

Walked to and fro.

Gazed again through the window plains;

With the eagerness to meet a friend.

Actions unfolded one by one.

Frustrations kept on creeping by.

But no sign of thoughts nearby,

Neither word flowed to the pen.

Journeyed through the landscapes of memory –

To find the hives of thoughts,

To nectar the words, but found none.

A day when pen went down starving,

With no words to serve on paper.

Still waiting in eagerness,

To quench the thirst for Word.


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