Luke 15: 8-10 – Parable of Lost Coin


The parable of the Lost Coin portrays a woman (note here it is a woman, in the previous parable of the Lost Sheep it is a man) who having lost one of her ten silver coins (drachmas) takes enormous trouble to search till she finds it. The woman’s efforts can be understood properly only if we situate her in a house without windows and (modern) light, having many things in the room. She cannot rest till she finds it. The woman in the parable symbolizes God’s gracious initiative to search the ‘lost sinner’ till he finds him. Her efforts only feebly express the means God uses to recover the ‘lost.’ Jesus’ action of associating with sinners and tax collectors (Lk 15: 1-3) are all sings of God’s own ways of seeking out the ‘lost.’ In this parable we are told that the joy over the repentance of a sinner is found even before the angels of God (Lk 15: 10), that is, that joy is not limited to the earth. The point of comparison in both parables is that if ordinary human persons would go to such trouble of arduous search for what is lost, how much more God will do so for the sake of His lost children – the sinners and outcasts.

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