Need of Biblical Foundation for the Worldwide Mission Mandate


The mandate of mission is now in a time of testing. This is mainly because of the post-modern scenario, the advancement in technology, and an over emphasis on individualism and the young generations liking towards a culture of death. These aspects are also creeping into the faith community of Christians were one’s faith and its expressions have been limited within the physical structures of the churches and being limited to Sundays and to certain auspicious days of the liturgical calendar. These along with the erroneous understanding of Ecumenism and Inculturation have watered down the mission mandate of the Church, which is in reality is the very nature of the Church and the purpose for which it exist.

During this time of testing, it is wise that we turn back to the Scriptures and pay fresh attention to the God who in the Old Testament is described as the ‘sending God’ and ‘on the move’ and to Jesus who in the New Testament is spoken of as the ‘One send from the Father.’[1]

[1] J. Verkuyl, Contemporary Missiology: An Introduction, (E. Tr. and ed. by D. Cooper), William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, Michigan, (1978), 89.


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