Eucharist: Practice and Theology Across the Centuries

The Practice and Theology of the Eucharist

1) The Eucharist in the Early Church

  1. From Jewish Meal to Christian Meal
  2. The First Mention of the Eucharist: Outside the New Testament
  3. Didache
  4. Justin the Martyr
  5. The Apostolic Tradition

2) The Eucharist in the Theology of the Fathers

3) Eucharistic Theology during the Middle-Ages

  1. The First Controversy: RADBERTUS AND RATRAMNUS
  2. The Second Eucharistic Controversy: BERENGAR AND LANFRANC
  3. The Scholastic theology of the Eucharist
  4. Teaching of the Reformers
  5. The Council of Trent
  6. After the Council of Trent


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