Matthew 5: 9 – Blessed are the Peacemakers


Jesus proclaims the peacemakers blessed and promises them that they will be called sons of God.

The word “peacemaker” then refers, first of all, to one who reconciles conflicts and brings about unity and concord where there is division and hostility. But this is not the only meaning. The Hebrew word of peace is “Shalom” which means more than the absence of conflict and trouble. Shalom means, among other things, well-being, wholeness, prosperity, fruitfulness, happiness, fullness of life, harmony, right relationships etc. shalom denotes a situation of harmony, a state of well-being which demands right relationships with God and with others. Peacemakers, therefore, are those who strive for the well-being of individuals and communities. Their role does not consist only in reconciling conflicts and hostilities, but also extends to social situations of injustice and oppression all of which disturbs the well-being of people. The peacemakers will be rewarded by God. They will be called sons of God (Mt 5: 9). Jesus, our first peacemaker, is God’s Son. He guarantees those who make peace a special filial relationship with God at the end of time. Although the promise is for the future, the divine sonship too, like all other salvific realities, is already realized in part here and now (Cf. Rom 8: 15-17; Gal 4: 4-7; 1Jn 3: 1-2).


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