Ante Partum – Virginity of Mary before the Birth of Jesus


Mary was a virgin before the birth of Jesus.  The best sources of information of Mary’s virginity prior to the birth of Jesus are the infancy narratives in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke, Usually dated around 80 A.D. Virginity is strongly supported by the words of Mary herself.  She strongly testifies to the Angel Gabriel that she is a virgin (Lk 1:34).  Joseph also expresses the similar option for he had no pre-marital affair with Mary.  Upholding the virginity of Mary the Dutch Catechism says, “Conception is a free gift from God.  Since it is a gift God can give is the way he wants.”  According to Hans Hung “The virginity of Mary is the biological expression of the idea that Jesus was born from the Holy Spirit.”  Biblically speaking the virginity of Mary is the result of the experience of the early Christian community reflecting over the paschal event.  The resurrection experience opened new vistas of understanding of the disciples regarding the divinity of Christ.  Christ who is divine must also be born under extraordinary circumstances.  The Gospels written from the retrospective perspective attributes perpetual virginity to Mary.

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