Post Partum – Virginity of Mary after birth of Jesus


Jesus was the first born child of Mary.  And it is strongly believed that Jesus was also the only child of Mary.  Some Scholars of Mariology are of the opinion that the several passages in the Bible that refer to the brothers and sisters of Jesus, can be interpreted as cousin of Jesus and others hold the view that they are children of Joseph’s prior marriage.  The Catholic tradition is that Mary had no child other than Jesus.  The brothers and sisters mentioned in the Bible refer to the extended family of Jesus, such as cousins.  It can also refer to the larger company of believers and disciples.  According to R.E. Brown “Once overshadowed by the Holy Spirit, Mary could not allow herself to have intercourse with a man.”  According to Pope Paul the VI “Mary was called to be at the same time a virgin, a wife and a mother.”

The council of Constantinople (381 CE) and council of Chalcedon (451 CE) speak of the birth of Jesus of Virgin Mary.  The council of Constantinople (553 CE) speaks of the Perpetual Virginity of Mary.  Though not an Ecumenical Council, the Lateran Council of 649 CE convened by Pope Martin – I also issued an important statement affirming Mary’s lifelong virginity.  Vatican – II reiterated the teaching about Mary, the Ever–Virgin, by stating that Christ’s birth did not diminish Mary’s virginal interiority but sanctified it (LG 57).  The Catechism of the Catholic Church maintains that Jesus Christ was Mary’s only child.  The so-called ‘brothers and sisters’ are close relations (CCC 499 – 507).

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