Views on the Virginity of Mary



            It is the sub-division of the Gnosticism.  This group affirms the virginal conception as well as the virginal birth.  For them May is the Way and not the Mother.  Mary is the way though which Jesus came.  She is the way through which Jesus passed through.  Jesus did not assume anything from Mary.


            He denied the virginity of Mary after the birth of Jesus.


            He affirmed the perpetual virginity of Mary.


            He opined that Jesus was formed in Mary’s womb like a pearl, pearl while forming itself would not harm the shell in no way.  Without affecting the container it grows, matures and becomes the most valuable object.

The dogma of Mary’s Perpetual Virginity is not merely a reference to a historical fact.  This historical fact has a deeper meaning.  It has a deeper spiritual dimension. It speaks of the radical “character of her – God Relatedness.”  The life of Mary exists only for and in and through God.  Further, it speaks of the uniqueness of the Christ event.  This exhibits Mary’s character as type of the Church: Following the example of Mary, the Church remains the virgin faithful to her spouse.  The Church is the Spouse of Christ (Eph 5:21-33; 2 Cor 11:2) and “Bride of the Lamb” (Rev 21:9).

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