John 3: 1-36 – How did God love?


“God so loved…” How did God Love? Unconditional commitment was revealed in creation, call, election, covenant, and the giving of the Law. Creation was an act of God through which he let his inner being overflow. All the decision God takes thereafter and all the plans he realizes through history for the good of human beings are revelations of his love. God’s liberating action in favour of Israel by bringing them out of Egypt, working wonders and signs, and by identifying himself with the fate of the people (Ex 3: 7) became the cetral salvific experience of the people. The prophets invite people to return to this committed love of God because they have gone after other gods (Hos 2: 14ff; 6: 6; 14: 1ff; Is 35; 49: 15; 65; Ezek 16: 1ff). The Incarnation of the Word is the culmination of this love (Jn 1: 14). The self-giving love of God is perfectly manifested at the peak level in the death of Jesus. God did not spare his Son. Here one must note that Jesus is the “only Son” and hence it is a total self-giving sparing nothing for himself. In fact, it implies that God loved the “world” more than his “only Son”. Otherwise, how could the Son be handed over to be killed? This love is in favour of the “world”. “Kosmos” refers to the whole universe without any discrimination inclusive of the good and the evil, the just and the unjust (Mt 5: 45). Nothing and no one is excluded from this boundless love. In this love God wills that everyone must be saved and no one must perish. If God’s nature itself is love, he cannot will otherwise.


  1. God’s love is shown in different ways as you mentioned and indeed it is a proof that He sent His only son and even our existence itself.

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