John 4: 1-42 – Situation of Samaritan Woman


The woman comes to the well at an odd hour, when usually nobody comes to the well to draw water. This indicates that this woman remains in a way isolated from the community. When Jesus asks her to go and bring her husband, perhaps there is a hint about her situation of life. She is leading a sort of strange life from the moral point of view and hence she is not free among her villagers. She tries to avoid them.

Positively, this experience of being alone and lonely is a circumstance needed for authentic conversion. Only in such circumstance can a person identify one’s real “thirst” and “hunger” of existence. God is apparently cornering her.

Jesus is leading the woman to a realization of the hunger of her existence. The dialogue began on a natural level, using the most familiar language of “water” and Jesus leads it to the spiritual level. He presents himself as the gift of God. For the Jews, the greatest gift of God is the “Torah” which Yahweh gave to Israel. Now Jesus reveals himself as the new Torah. Jesus himself is the gift of God and the revelation of the Father or the Spirit as the gift to be given by Jesus to the disciples.

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