John 4: 1-42 – Samaritan Woman Evangelizes the Samaritans


The woman left the jar and went to the village. These are two significant actions. The woman who came to draw water has now realized that this jar is useless for collecting the “living water” which alone can quench her thirst permanently. It is a sign of radical break with the past. She goes to the village shows how her fear, inhibitions, and complexes, which were blocking her relationship with others in the society, have been overcome. She has been interiorly liberated and does not require to be isolated from the community. She is reintegrated into her community. The encounter with Jesus not only converts her interiority but also empowers her to be open to others horizontally. Evangelization experience has not merely personal dimension but also communitarian dimension. The evangelized in turn becomes the evangelizer in his or her community.


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