John 4: 39-42 – Encounter between Jesus and Villagers


The concluding scene describes the encounter between Jesus and the villagers. Through the woman they came to Jesus and recognized him as “the Saviour of the world”. They tell clearly that they do not need the mediation of the woman anymore. She was evangelized; she became an evangelizer; and now she must disappear from the stage and let the villagers grow in Jesus directly. As evangelizer, she should project only Jesus and never herself. Her function in relation to this community is now over and she should decrease and let Jesus increase.

Jesus stays in the village and a community of believer is formed. The personal experience of the woman finally has a communitarian expression. Faith and community are inseparable. Faith leads to the formation of a community.

John 4: 1-42, is a synthesis of the theological message of the Gospel of John. Christology is the first theme. Through the narration there is a progressive revelation of the identity of Jesus. The second theme is the Soteriological experience of the woman who recognizes and proclaims the identity of Jesus. Consequently evangelization happens and a community of believers gets formed. This is Ecclesiology. This community has the mission of fulfilling the will (plan) of the Father. That is Missiology. The church is moving towards eschatological events. The pilgrimage consist of sowing, reaping, and sowing. This is Eschatology.

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