In this Chapter we will be looking at Israel as a community-in-mission to other nations. In 1.0 we will briefly go through the history of Israel from the time of Abraham to Diaspora. Here we try to understand as to how Israel had been divinely guided to be a missionary to other peoples. In 2.0 we will be looking at prophet Amos who argues that other nations belong to Yahweh as much as Israel belongs to Yahweh. Amos also affirms the identity of Israel consists in reflecting on earth the righteousness of Yahweh. Further the ‘Election’ is only a call to a greater responsibility before God for the world. Here we analyse whether Israel is called to be a missionary to other nations through its righteous living and thus becoming a model for other nations to imitate. In 3.0 we focus on Prophet Jonah as the representative of whole of Israel. Here we analyse how his mission becomes the missionary lessons to Israel as a whole.

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