Lukan Emphasis in Infancy Narratives


In his infancy narrative Luke emphasizes several themes which also appear prominently in the rest of his gospel. Some of them are:-

  1. The Holy Spirit: Persons are “filled with the Holy Spirit: (Lk 1: 15, 41, 67); Simeon is given revelation by the Spirit (Lk 2: 26) and is inspired by the Spirit (Lk 2: 27); Mary is overshadowed by the Holy Spirit (Lk 1: 35).
  2. The Temple: The temple is the venue of the three events – the annunciation of John’d birth (Lk 1: 8-23), the purification and the presentation (Lk 2: 22-38) and finding of Jesus (Lk 2: 41-52). The first and the last scenes of the infancy narratives take place in the temple (Lk 1: 8-23; 2: 41-50).
  3. Prayer and Worship: The gospel begins with the scene of worship and prayer (Lk 1: 8-10). Prayer and praise of God pervade the whole narrative.
  4. The Journey to Jerusalem: The theme of journey to Jerusalem is predominant one in the gospel of Luke. There are several journey to Jerusalem in Luke 1 – 2 (Lk 2: 22, 41-42, 45).
  5. Joy and Peace: The scenes are permeated by an atmosphere of joy and peace which characterizes the dawn of the Messianic era (Lk 1: 14, 44, 47, 58; 2: 10, 14, 29).

Other Lukan themes such as salvation, Jesus as Saviour, Universality of Salvation are also found in Luke 1 – 2.

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