Theotokos in Bible


The scriptural texts explicitly attributing the title Mother of God to Mary is found in the Gospel of (Luke 1:43), Elizabeth upon seeing Mary addresses her as the Mother of God. Similar idea is also carried in the Gospel of John, the Word made Flesh (Jn 1:14). This text needs to be understood in relation to Gal 4:4-5. The Word became Flesh in the womb of a woman. Other New Testament references include, Mark 3:31-35, 6:3; Mt 12:46-50; Lk 1:43; 3:23; 4:22; 8:19-21; Acts 1:14; Jn 1:14; 6:42.

The Old Testament references to Mary

The Old Testament references are Genesis 3:15; Is 7:14; and Mic 5:14. In Gen 3:15 in the immediate context the women may refers to Eve. In the general context it refers to the humanity and in the messianic context it refers to Mother Mary. However this text needs to be understood in relation to Boots: of Revelation chapter 12. This text explains that through the co-operation of the woman the humanity that has lost its original status is restored back to its original position. Is 7:14, in its remote context refers to Mary. The people expected a messiah who is anointed by God. They must have expected a messiah but not the one as the second person of the Trinity. Only after the Christ event one could understand that it refers to Mary and Jesus. In its remote context Is 7:14 refers to Mary. After the death of Christ the Jewish Christian attributed Mich 5:1-4 to the origin and birth of Jesus. There is a common thread of understanding that flows through all the three readings. In Gen 3:15, prophesy of a child is given. In-Is.7:14, the women are already pregnant and in Micah 5:3 the women is going to give birth to a child.

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