Doctrine of Justification by Faith: Introduction


In Christian Theology Justification refers to the event in which God changes the human beings from a state of injustice or sin to a state of righteousness or grace before God. This change is brought through human being’s grace filled faith in the incarnation, life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ (Christ event), through whom human beings are reconciled to God. Justification through faith alone is dealt elaborately in the letter to the Romans as well as letter to the Galatians. The key word in Paul is justification. In both the Old Testament and New Testament, the words justify and justification has a definite legal and juridical meaning. They are words closely related to the idea of trial and judgement. (Deut 25: 1, 1Cor 4: 3-4, Mt 12: 37).


  1. Hi Fr. Jeff,
    I wrote an article on this issue of Justification, i.e. the difference between Catholic and Reformer. If you have time you can read pdf file of the article.

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