Person and Nature of Book of Jeremiah

  • We do not know much about the person of Jeremiah except for some bare facts. From the call narrative we can know that he started his ministry at young age (Jer 1: 6), so we surmise that he might have been ca. 645 BCE.

  • His native village is Anathoth, a town in the old tribal territory of Benjamin (a northern tribe), 3 miles north east of Jerusalem. Anat is a strong female counter part of Baal, the Canaanite God. The inhabitants of Anathoth were of priestly family (Levite cities as mentioned in Josh 21: 13-18). His father was Hilkiah, may be descendants of Abiathar (Mk 2: 26).
  • Jeremiah’s preaching stresses typical northern motifs (Exodus and Mosaic covenantal traditions, Jer 11: 2-5; 2: 5-8). Little or nothing is heard of Zion or Jerusalem theology or the promises to the house of David as we find in Isaiah. May be due to priestly family origin, Jeremiah knew much about the priestly function, responsibilities and law.

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