Amos, The Prophet


Amos (Ca. 760-750 BCE), is the earliest among the classical prophets. From Amos, we have a new trend and he is called as “Trend Setter.”  The changes from the individual person to whole person, from king to the whole nation, all were addressed by Amos. Anybody can be a prophet, known by Amos life (7: 13-14). He is touching the most secret elements of people especially morality and injustice. Another trend is linking to the liturgy and the life. He also stresses on justice and righteousness that God wants.

Personality of Amos

Amos had few nick names because of his ministry: prophet of doom and prophet of burden. Etymologically Amos is a noun in Hebrew which means burden and verbal form SAMA –AMAS (means to load or burden somebody).Yahweh firstly gave to Amos to load or burden people. Amos is the first one among the serial of classical prophets. He is going to be influential in the three centuries in theological, cultural and historical development of the nation. He is very strong psychic temperament: My God gave to prophecy and I give strongly. He expressed heat and nervous tension in his prophetic words: Firing words. Geographically he was from a shepherd of Tekoa-a village which was famous for wisdom and wise women. He was known by the qualities such as wise man, a shepherd and a farmer.

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