Development of Sacramentary


In the West, the liturgical books containing the presidential prayers[1] of the liturgy are known as Sacramentaries, while in the East a similar collection of prayers are known as Euchologies. Thus, in the Western Rites, the term Sacramentary is associated with the collection of prayers for the Mass.[2] Since the scope of this article (as well as following articles) is the Roman Missal, examination of sacramentaries are necessary to understand these antecedents of the Missal. Although there are several sacramentaries, each of which could be subject of detailed study, this article (as well as following articles) will give brief background of the major sacramentary traditions only. The following articles offers background on some sacramentaries from where the Roman Missal of 2002 has borrowed prayers that were modified according to contemporary context.

[1] Presidential Prayers refer to the prayers said by priests during liturgy.

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