An itinerant sannyasi (Yogi/Guru/Teacher) found a diamond which he placed in his little bag. One morning, as he was resting under a tree in the outskirts of a village, a man came rushing up to him and said he had dreamed that the sannyasi possessed a precious stone; and if that were true, would he give it to him. Without a moment’s hesitation the sannyasi pulled out the diamond from his bag and handed it over to the man. The villager couldn’t believe his eyes. Being a jeweller. He immediately recognised the value of the precious stone. He thanked the holy man for his generosity and left.

Strangely, instead of rejoicing over his good fortune, the jeweller – a God – fearing man – was troubled. He was restless through the night, and as soon as it was light, he rushed to the boundaries of the village. But the holy was nowhere around. Upon enquiries, he followed the path the sannyasi had taken and managed to track him down. Falling at his feet, he pleaded, “Take away this diamond. Give me, instead, that valuable spirit of detachment which enabled you to give away the precious stone.”

Your heart will always be where your riches are” (Lk. 12: 34).

Gen. 22: 1-19 – Abraham was willing to sacrifice the most precious possession God himself had given him.

Ask God to give you to let go of your attachments, and to use things only in so far as they lead you to God.

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