Matthew 1: 18-25 – Annunciation to Joseph


This passage is closely linked with the genealogy of Jesus and can be considered as an extension of it. The opening verse, “Now the birth of Jesus Christ took place in this way,” points back to the title verse (Mt 1; 1) and more importantly to verse 16 of the genealogy.

As noted already in my previous posts, verse 16 beaks the regular pattern of genealogical continuity and it merely states that Jesus was born of Mary. This verse does not say that Joseph, who is of Davidic lineage, was the father of Jesus neither does it indicate how Jesus, born of Mary, becomes the Son of David. Precisely because of this reason the evangelist in Matthew 1: 18-25 explains the Davidic son ship of Jesus. The opening verse in Matthew 1: 18, with its clear reference back to verse 16, also suggests that what follows is an explanation of this verse (Mt 1: 16). Accordingly, several scholars maintain that Matthew 1: 18-25 is “an enlarged footnote to the crucial point in the genealogy” (Mt 1: 16). However, our periscope explains not only the Davidic origin of Jesus but also his divine origin; Jesus is both Son of David and Son of God.

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