Saturday, 34th Week in Ordinary Time (1st December, 2018)

First reading: Rev 22:1-7 ( The river of life)
Gospel: Lk 21:34-36 (Watch at all times and pray)

Here in the Gospel of Luke, Jesus is warning us to be on guard that since the kingdom of God is very near. For the Kingdom of God will come at the most unexpected time and we are being cautioned to be prepared for it all the time.

We are so used to the clock and the calendar that we start to schedule day and night and do the necessary planning for most of our activities.

What we have learnt over the years is that planning is a major reason for our success and that we don’t plan to fail but often, we fail to plan and so on.

In our job front, usually, we are asked to give the next one-year planning in detail and projections for the next five years, especially in this month of December it is planning for 2019. However, for all these we have certain time frame which is measurable.

The coming of the kingdom of God is totally unpredictable.

Our preparedness is what God desires from us and that is what qualifies us.

For that the most important ingredient is reconciliation. Do the act of confession more often, and be reconciled with God, with others, with our nature and even with oneself.

As we are entering into the advent, let us be prepared to welcome the new born Christ.

Let this season bring in complete preparedness spiritually, so that Christ will be born in our hearts during this Christmas and be blessed with the same Joy throughout our life. Amen.

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