Monday, 1st Week of Advent (3rd December 2018)

First Reading: Is 2: 1-5 (The Lord gathers all nations)
Gospel: Mt 8: 5-11 (I am not worthy to have you)

Today’s Gospel is about the Centurion who teaches us what is faith and humility, in a practical way.

Centurion is an official in the Roman Empire who has at least 100 soldiers whom he commands. Some senior centurions may have even more.

So, here is a man in a commendable authority, who is fully aware that he is not in control of the healing of his servant, approaches Jesus and surrenders himself. Submitting himself with true faith, pleading to Lord Jesus to cure his servant.

Going further into this parable, we understand the gravity of the situation, the authority of Jesus, and the submission of the centurion. The question to be pondered is, ‘Aren’t we taking the roles of the centurion or the servant in our lives?

Isn’t the centurion interceding for the servant? Like our Mother Mary recommends on our behalf for our healing to the Lord?

When a priest prays on our behalf to the Lord for our good health; aren’t we seeing one in authority surrendering himself to heal and save us?’

Here, Jesus reveals that what moved him was the centurion’s Faith.

There is a story about true faith.

A village was under severe drought for a long time and they decided to have a mass prayer to be blessed with enough rain. While assembling for the prayer there was only one boy who brought an umbrella to the convention. Only one had the real faith in the prayer. Do we represent the boy or the crowd?

May this season bring in a complete surrender of ourselves in true HUMILITY and pray with FAITH so that the infant Jesus will be so pleased to enter our hearts. Amen.

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