Wednesday, 1st Week of Advent (5th December, 2018)

First reading: Is 25: 6-10 (Rejoice in his salvation)
Gospel: Mt 15: 29-37 (I am filled with compassion)

In today’s Gospel Jesus shows us his ways of healing and showing compassion.

When the crowds went up to him with the blind, dumb, crippled and lame to heal them, they were confident of the healing; and they were healed. Yet another miracle of our lord. It’s not over, he felt pity on the crowd that they were tired and did not eat for three days, through another miracle, He multiplied the bread and the fish and gave it to the people. After they had enough there were seven baskets full as left over.

The lesson we learn in this Gospel passage is that once we approach Jesus with our weaknesses, in complete faith, He will heal us. There is nothing that is impossible for the lord. Imagine the joy with which those who were cured, would have returned to their homes and the surprise and the festive feeling that their families and friends would have had.

Our lord did not stop there, he could feel their hunger and fatigue because they were with him for 3 days without food.

As Mark 8: 3 says: “I have compassion for these people, they have already been with me three days and have nothing to eat.”

Yet another miracle happens, the multiplication of the bread and fish. As I write this, my eyes are full like the heart of Jesus – The unstoppable compassion- He heals and feeds and keeps some for the rest of the world; perhaps for the seven continents.

As we prepare for the birth of our saviour during this advent, let our hearts be filled with compassion and console the wounded. Amen.

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Hi! Guys! I am John Thomas, married with 2 children. One daughter with us and one with the Lord. A catholic who started as an obligatory Mass goer. At present, I am a Lector in St. Mary’s Church, Dubai and also an active member towards Family Apostolate. Apart from this, I am also part of the C.F.C (Couples for Christ) as a S.O.L.D member. At present, I am passionate about learning Bible.

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