Friday, 1st Week of Advent (7th December, 2018)

First reading: Is 29: 17-24 (The meek will find joy)
Gospel: Mt 9: 27 -31 (Son of David, help us!)

Two blind men followed Jesus so that their eyes will be opened. Jesus confirms their faith and heals them; warning them not let others learn about it. But the men violate the word of the lord.

Though very short, we have a lot to reflect on this gospel passage from Mathew.

These blind men have never seen Jesus but would have heard, believed, asked for the healing and were healed.

Before the act of healing, Jesus asks the blind men “Do you believe, I can do this?” they said “Yes sir we do”.

None in our generation have seen Jesus but have heard and believed. Once we believe and plead mercy on us then, it’s obvious that we will be healed.

In Jewish custom “Son of David” is a phrase give to the promised messiah so the blind men addressed him as the messiah. They truly had the inner vision.

After the healing, they are instructed by Jesus that others should not learn about it. Many bible scholars are of the opinion that this is due to the humility of Jesus; perhaps he does not want to take the credit.

The healed blind men on the other hand could not resist the joy…they forget their promise and let others learn about it.

If we are able to put ourselves in the position of the blind men, this passage will open our eyes to our own life.

Jesus is standing next to us to heal us; Let’s ask Jesus to open our eyes in this season of advent, to see the new born Jesus in every one around us. Amen.

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