2nd Sunday of Advent (9th December, 2018)

First Reading: Bar 5: 1-9 (God will show your splendor)
Second Reading: Phil 1: 4-6, 8-11 (Be pure and blameless)
Gospel: Lk 3: 1-6 (Make his path straight)

Today, through the gospel of Luke, we know that John, son of Zachariah who later will be called John the Baptist was in the wilderness, started preaching all across Jordan “proclaiming a baptism of repentance for the forgiveness of sins”. This happened during the reign of Tiberius Caesar and the pontificate of Annas and Caiaphas. Thus, the prophecy of Isaiah:

“A voice cries in the wilderness:
Prepare a way for the Lord,
make his paths straight……
And all mankind shall see the salvation of God”

Was being fulfilled.

This is a true incident in the life of Mother Theresa. She used to go in search of well-to-do people and seek help for the people who were struggling for their life.

One rich guy who hates these kinds of activities & people, used to frown at her all the time. But Mother Theresa, politely approached him and asked for help.

At the peak of anger, the rich man spit on Mother Theresa’s face and started scolding her.

The divine Mother, patiently cleared it and with unimaginable patience asked him,

“Thanks for whatever you gave me, but what will you give to help my poor people”.

The rich man got stunned by her response and gave her sufficient funds to help the needy people.

In the above incident, it’s our Mother Theresa’s response that became the baptism for the rich man and did truly repent by his actions.

In real life we too get similar opportunities like our Mother Theresa. Let us use them through the Grace of God.

Also, whenever we can repent, let’s not miss that “U” turn in our lives during this season of Advent.

The clear message of the day comes from Paul through his letter to the Philippians “May you become pure and blameless in preparation for the day of Christ”. Amen.

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