Monday, 2nd Week of Advent (10th December, 2018)

First reading: Is 35: 1-10 (God comes to save you)
Gospel: Lk 5: 17-26 (We have seen strange things today)

In Luke’s Gospel, today, we see people are gathered around Jesus from far and wide and as the crowd brings one paralytic man, because of the crowd they could not see Jesus.  So, they go one step ahead; through the roof of the house they lower the paralytic man who is lying on a stretcher.

Jesus appreciates their faith and says, “your sins are forgiven, take up your stretcher and walk”. Now, healing happened, but people are more focused at what he said after that. “Who has got the authority to say your sins are forgiven except for God?” Jesus replies knowing what is there in their mind. Our Lord is asking the crowd which is easier? is it to forgive the sins or asking him to take up the stretcher and walk.

Immediately after that, the sick man gets up and walks with words of glory to God.

People gathered are astonished.
Very often my inner conscience asks me, why can’t you give up that bad habit?
Can you not find a little more time for the Lord?
Why do you have to be glued on to the TV and the social media for such a long time?
Can’t you not be more creative with the talents that you have been blessed with?
and so on… the list is quite long…

Today I found the reason why I am not healed from all these ailments. I am on a virtual stretcher…with faith, I need to admit and surrender and pray for the divine healing, which only Jesus can do.

I am in my journey to completely surrender my ailments to Lord Jesus, and no sooner He will tell me; You get up and walk…your sins are forgiven.

From that day forward, I will be a person, completely healed.

Lord, we are approaching you during this advent on our virtual stretcher, forgive our sins, heal and bless us, our beloved infant Jesus so that we are able to walk the way that Jesus has shown us. Amen.

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