2nd Week of Advent (11th December, 2018)

First Reading: Is 40: 1-11 (Prepare the way of the Lord)
Gospel: Mt 18: 12-14 (The Lost Sheep)

In the first reading, prophet Isaiah has clearly prophesied that “He is like a shepherd feeding his flock, gathering lambs in his arms, holding them against his breast.”

In the gospel of Mathew, Jesus relates so beautifully, the connect between God and man. Jesus relates God the father as the Shepherd and we as the herd. If one among the hundred sheep is lost, He will leave the ninety-nine and search for ‘the lost sheep’ Once He gets back the one, He will have much more Joy than thinking about the rest who did not go astray. It is but strange that often times, we take the role of the Sheep and the shepherd.

As sheep, when we detour the from the GPS(Bible), we get lost. This happens when we get into bad habits or company. Maybe we are committing sins either by commission or omission. Most of the time we come back to the Shepherd after the bad experience.

When we are taking the role of the Shepherd, do we go behind the lost one in true anticipation or blame the sheep or the conditions? In my life, when our children do not follow our directions, I get upset, react rather than respond, blame someone or something a kind of passing the buck. The end is distress.

Whenever I have sat back, prayed and surrendered my sheep to the Lord, the results have been so nice. And the end is absolute Joy.

This is advent season when we can leave the detours and join the High way (Word of God) and make God happy by our actions.

As Shepherd, let us follow God’s ways than man’s ways. Amen.

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