2nd Week of Advent (12th December, 2018)

First Reading: Is 40: 25-31 (The Lord is the everlasting God)
Gospel: Mt 11: 28-30 (I will give you rest)

In three verses, lord Jesus is teaching us a life changing lesson;

Come to me if you are overburdened;
Learn from me, I am gentle and humble at heart;
Your souls will find rest since my yoke is light.

Here again, an exchange is taking place, Jesus takes our load and leaves the easy task for us.

For those of you who have seen how oxen (horses too) were used for ploughing the field. The Yoke is on the shoulder of the oxen and man sits on the plough and the oxen moves on with the man’s load so that the field is made loose for cultivation. For the man to do the harvest of the produce at the end.

Our beloved Lord Jesus, very often in the past, I have taken all the burdens on my shoulder; all my pains as personal grief and all my shortcomings as my own, when you were so willing to do it for me.

I am sorry lord, for I have done so. Now I have realised that you are there to take care of my hardships. You are there to take care of all my shame. You will take care of the load I carry today.

And thank you lord Jesus for taking my pains and pressures.

I have only one thing to do; Follow your guidelines.

We praise you Lord Jesus for being so Gentle and Humble. Please give us the grace to learn more of you. Amen.

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