2nd Week of Advent (Friday 14th December, 2018)

First Reading: Is 48: 17 -19 (I teach you what is best)
Gospel: Mt 11: 16-19 (A friend of sinners)

The first verse before today’s Gospel is Mathew 11:15 which says let anyone with ears, listen: and then the Gospel of today starts with a dejected Jesus.

Jesus is asking – to whom shall I compare this generation with?

He compares this generation with the children in the market place, who shout at each other.

They don’t understand what Lord Jesus is saying and they do just the opposite of what is expected of them. When they are supposed to enjoy, they mourn. They enjoy when they are supposed to mourn. they don’t know what is to be done. When John the Baptist came without eating and drinking, they called him a demon; When the son of man came eating and drinking with tax-collectors in order to save them, the people blamed him as a sinner. This is completely contradicting to what Jesus’s expectation is all about.

The society is largely similar even today.

Let us look at ourselves …. are we doing what we are commanded to do? when somebody is in trouble do we try to help them or we try to make fun  or capture it in the mobile camera .When someone  is in a happy moment, are we in harmony with him?  do we have an inner happiness or are we jealous of them? When somebody celebrates, do we like it?

If you look at the news channels, it is more of what is going wrong that is getting more publicity and viewership. Among the messages that comes in the media, what is most attractive is the bad news and gossips.


Let’s skip such channels or anything that is similar.

In case we are in a wrong social group, better exit. As it is said “It is better to cut off that eye which sins, than to live with both eyes and getting thrown into the hell.

So, at this moment in time and during this advent season let us ignore the bad news follow the Good News. Amen.

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