2nd Week of Advent (15th December 2018)

First Reading: Sir 48: 1-4, 9-11 (Elijah will come again)
Gospel: Mt 17: 9a, 10-13 (Elijah has already come)

In the Gospel of Mathew, disciples are asking the master; as the scribes say, that Elijah has to come first. Is it true?

Jesus agrees, but corrects them that Elijah came and they did not recognise nor treat him well, and so also the son of man has to go through ….

Jesus clarifies that John the Baptist is THE Elijah.

When opportunities come knocking at our doors, we overlook them and seldom recognise. When blessings are at hand, we do not value it. And we do miss the boat and regret later.

Even being the son of man, we read that Jesus fasted and prayed so often. This is so important in our lives too…fasting and praying, so that we do not miss the grace of God. When we read about saints, they had spent or spending a lot of time in praying and reconciliation. This was and is the major reason for the blessing s they received through the grace of God.

We too will have to spent our dedicated time in prayer, and go for confessions more frequently, so as to receive the Grace of God, and we can value the blessing we receive.

Most of the time, my mind is worried about what I have not received and so anxious in anticipation. I often forget the provisions in hand and already provided.

I think, we need to live more in the present and leave our anxieties and uncertainties to God. Because he has promised already that He will take up our burdens and carry our yoke.

When we live for the day with tension away and paying attention to our “now” through the grace of God, It will be a happier life and a better world to live in and nothing gets unnoticed like the scribes.

May this Advent bring the best from the present and acknowledge the blessing from God. Amen.

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