3rd Sunday of Advent (16th December, 2018)

First Reading: Zeph 3:14-18a (Rejoice, O people of Israel!)
Second Reading: Phil 4:4-7 (The Lord is near)
Gospel: Lk 3:10-18 (What then shall we do?)

In today’s gospel of Luke, people asked John the Baptist what we should do? He replies “share your food and clothing to the ones who do not have.”

To tax collectors, John the Baptist says do not put undue pressure to people nor scare them to pay tax. People even thought that he was Christ who has to come to them. He clarifies that he is not Christ.” I can only baptise you in water but the one who is more powerful than me who is coming, will Baptist you in the holy spirit and fire and I don’t deserve even to remove the strap of his sandals. There are three things which we learn from this passage.

  1. Share with the people who do not have, even if we have to lose something in the bargain. In other words, it means that you and I do not own things instead we are just custodians.
  2. Do not hurt others.

During those times the tax collectors had the authority to levy taxes on the people at their discretion. Their benefits were attached to their collection. Even by force and hurting others they used to collect tax.

We have no authority to put others in pain because we are all Children of God.

3. Understand, appreciate and respect the other person and admit other’s good quality with humility.

Can we help someone in need and without hurting anyone and be honest? Shall we try to inculcate these qualities to receive the new-born Christ in our lives? Amen.

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