3rd Week of Advent (18th December, 2018)

First Reading: Jer 23:5-8 (David’s righteous successor)
Gospel: Mt 1:18-24 (She will bear a son)

Mother Mary being betrothed to Joseph was to bear a son through the holy spirit. Joseph her husband wanted to divorce her informally. Because he was a man of honour.

In a dream Joseph was informed that Mary has conceived by the holy spirit and the son to be born, name as Jesus for he has to save his people from their sins. Joseph woke up and did what the angel had spoken to him and saved Mary and the world.

Obedience is considered as one of the most important virtues a catholic should posses. How Obedient should one be, Joseph speaks to us through his action.

It may be noted that in the whole of the Bible there is no mention of “Joseph said” anywhere. He listens and obeys the command.

An incident: –

In the 1960’s A pregnant lady was killed soon after she did a confession to the priest.

Due to situational evidence, the court punished the priest who heard her confession. Because he did not reveal her last thoughts. A lot of humiliation, betrayal and pain just for the reason that he did not reveal the confessional details to the court.

Later when the real culprit confessed, the priest was proved innocent. Till the very end, the priest believed in God’s law in absolute obedience.

May we plead to the lord almighty to have unquestioning obedience to the commands of Jesus. Amen.

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