3rd Week of Advent (20th December, 2018)

First Reading: Is 7:10-14 (The virgin with a child)
Gospel: Lk 1:26-38 (You shall conceive and bear a son)

Today’s reading from Gospel of Luke is the fulfilment of the prophecy of Isaiah who lived about 700 years before Christ.

The prophecy was: “the maiden is with child and will soon give birth to a son, whom she will call Emmanuel.”

This is the key to the Gospel reading today from Luke where angel Gabriel informs Mary to rejoice since God’s favour is on her and the Lord is with her, but Mary is deeply disturbed.

Angel explains, that the child will be born by the power of the holy spirit and will be named Jesus, Mary is obviously asking to the angel about the possibility, for she is still a virgin.

Angel continues that even her cousin Elizabeth, who was considered as barren, is pregnant and says NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE TO GOD.

Without a moment of hesitation, Mary agrees to become our MOTHER MARY of today whom we venerate; and she intercedes for us.

Everything that happens in our life is as per the plan of God. We just need to accept it.

That moment, when we realise the fact that nothing is impossible to God, we will completely surrender to God.

In case, if we are not surrendering to God, the impossible will continue and the moment we surrender, everything becomes possible.

This advent gives us the opportunity to surrender to the Lord so that every dream of ours becomes possible. Amen.

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Hi! Guys! I am John Thomas, married with 2 children. One daughter with us and one with the Lord. A catholic who started as an obligatory Mass goer. At present, I am a Lector in St. Mary’s Church, Dubai and also an active member towards Family Apostolate. Apart from this, I am also part of the C.F.C (Couples for Christ) as a S.O.L.D member. At present, I am passionate about learning Bible.

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