Wisdom and Compassion


3rd Week of Advent (22nd December, 2018)

First Reading: 1 Sam 1:24-28 (Birth of Samuel)
Gospel: Lk 1:46-56 (My soul magnifies the Lord)

In the Gospel of Luke today, Mary exclaims:

‌The almighty has done great deeds for me, from this day onward, all generations will call me blessed.

HE has exalted the lowly and filled them with plenty.

God has come to help Israel, to honour the promise HE had given to our ancestors.

Mary was an ordinary woman until angel Gabriel met her. From then, the presence of the holy spirit is acting in her. These words of Wisdom were prompted by the holy spirit.

Even in these times, we have seen and heard preachers say that they come prepared for a preaching session and what they preach becomes much better and touching when they talk to the people. This is a clear evidence of the holy spirit providing Wisdom to the preacher.

The gospel continues that Mary stayed with Elizabeth for 3 months which is an act of compassion to her cousin, who was pregnant at old age. Again, showing the presence of the holy spirit in action.

As we approach Christmas, let’s pray in faith so that the Holy Spirit gives us wisdom and act with compassion. Amen.

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