Be a bridge for this Christmas


Nativity of the Lord (25th December, 2018)

First Reading: Isaiah 62:1-5
Second Reading: Acts 13:16-17,22-25
Gospel: Matthew 1:1-25

This day is Christmas Day the birth of Christ. So, in today’s gospel Mathew starts with the genealogy of Christ that is from Abraham up to Joseph his father. Gospel continues with the incident that happened in the life of Joseph and their family and the birth of Christ.

Getting to know that Mary has already conceived and they have not lived together, the honourable man Joseph, decided to divorce her in private, because it was a great crime to know that a lady becomes pregnant before marriage.

At this time Angel of the Lord appears to Joseph and informed not to divorce but to take care of Mary because the child who is going to be born is from the holy spirit and will be  the son of God, the greatness of Joseph is the essences of the reflection for us today. This reminds me of a story about two brothers who were living in excellent harmony. Both had properties across a canal and they used a Bridge for them to approach each other. Of course, neighbours were jealous of their inseparable relationship. It didn’t take much time for the evil one  to act on the younger brother, who, due to a misunderstanding  blames his elder brother and broke the bridge that they had across the canal. The elder brother was deeply hurt and couldn’t tolerate the act of the younger one. He immediately appoints a carpenter to construct a wall instead. “I don’t want to see my younger brother anymore ” was his words. I will travel for a few days, when I come back after 2 weeks, the wall should be ready. The carpenter had no hesitation. However, he did something different, instead of the wall, he constructed another better Bridge, taking a risk. When the elder brother came back, the younger one realised the mistake, fell on his brother’s feet and said, “sorry brother, I made and unpardonable mistake and you are such a forgiving brother whom I am blessed to have.” Here, it is a paradigm shift in the incidents; just because of the act of the carpenter. Joseph too was a carpenter, in the bible he didn’t even speak a word in the Bible but what he did was something phenomenal, taking a risk he did something which changed the history of man kind.

As we celebrate Christmas let us invite Jesus into our families and mama Mary, the greatest interceder. While let’s not forget the role of the carpenter in our lives to bridge those souls who are separated in anger. Amen.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas!

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