In Testimonies, Our Joy is Complete


Octave of Christmas (27th December, 2018)

First Reading: 1 Jn 1:1-4 (We bear witness)
Gospel: Jn 20:2-8 (Disciple whom Jesus loved)

In the first reading from John we are informed what John heard, felt and experienced the Lord and he is sharing this as a testimony for us to know the reality but it is in writing this, John says, will make his joy complete.

In the Gospel today, Mary Magdalene runs to Peter and informs that Jesus had been taken away from the Tomb. Simon Peter along with another disciple, runs to the Tomb to find out what Magdalene said is true or not and to their surprise, Jesus was no more there. The tomb was empty and the linen was left in the tomb. here again we see the testimony of Mary Magdalene and the disciples on what really happened.

As we reflect to our own lives, there are so many miracles that deserve a testimony. In my life too there were many situations where I didn’t know how to respond or what next?

But when I surrendered to the lord to help me, the help was instantaneous; may not be the way I want, but in the right way. Our Lord has saved me from quite a lot of situations, which I have taken them for granted. But as I reflect on today’s Gospel, it is important for me to share my testimony to others so that I Glorify the Lord, at the same time I will get the ultimate Joy like John.

Let’s glorify our Lord by sharing our testimonies with others. May the Infant Jesus give us the courage to do so. Amen.

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