Massacre of Innocents


Octave of Christmas (28th December, 2018)

First Reading: 1 Jn 1:5 – 2:2 (Sacrificial victim)
Gospel: Mt 2:13-18 (Herod kills children)

In the gospel of Mathew today the angel of the lord asks Joseph to take infant Jesus and his mother to Egypt and be there. This was because Herod was searching for Jesus to kill him. So, Joseph took the child and mother immediately to Egypt until Herod was dead. This was a fulfilment of the prophecy.

Since Herod’s plan failed, he ordered all the male children under the age of two to be killed in Bethlehem and its neighbourhood. This again was a fulfilment of the prophecy by Jeremiah.

This is the day the church observes as the holy innocence, Martyrs day.

In the present generation, Matthew’s gospel would ideally relate to abortions. For the convenience sake parents do abort a god given baby without realising the cruelty that they’re doing to an innocent life. In the eyes of God, it’s a trivial sin and such an act will haunt the parents throughout their lives. There are often instances where those parents could not get a baby when they really wanted.

Readings today should refrain us from going ahead with the act of abortion due to either convenience reasons or deformities. Lets all close our eyes and pray to the almighty to forgive all those who have committed this sin. And let never again we do so. Amen.

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