God’s Grace is Abounding


Feast of the Day: Mary, Mother of God

First Reading: Num 6:22-27
Second Reading: Gal 4:4-7
Gospel: Lk 2:16-21

Today we are glad to gather together to praise and thank God for the New Year is born. We are grateful to God for enabling us and making us fortunate to see the New Year usher in. today as part of the celebration, most of us would certainly like to shave some resolutions made for this New Year. This practice is of customary and necessary too.

Today we are so much blessed to hear the words of blessings Prophet Samuel utter upon the Israelites. These are the words which are filled with blessings and well wishes for the people. We all would like that these words become meaningful in our lives too. We pray for with all earnestness that on this day of New Year and we wish for each other.

How can be we become worthy to receive these blessings in our lives? The shepherd becomes example for them. Today’s reading tells us about the shepherds arriving at the birth place of Jesus to worship Him and narrate all that had been told to Mary and indeed acts of belief and perfect observance to be emulated in our lives too.

The shepherds are simple and nomad for the most of their life. Being of this nature, it is most probable that they had not received any knowledge of birth of Jesus through any scholar or any Holy book. Yet, when the angels appeared before them and gave them the good news of birth of Jesus, they went in haste with him. This only signifies in this episode is that the revelation of the birth of Son of God is given to both the rich and learned (the three wise kings) and the poorest of the poor namely the shepherd. And both these respond to the signs and message of God. Anyone who is humble to receive what the Lord has to tell them, do receive God’s blessings.

Today the Church celebrates also the feast of Mother of God. On this first day of the year, the Church wants us to entrust ourselves to the intercession of Mother Mary who would plead for us and pray for us. She bore the Son of God through her womb and as a result of his birth, many received salvation. She thus becomes an instrument o God’s grace not only at the time of birth of Jesus but for we have several instances like miracle of water tuning into wine, her companionship with disciples even after Jesus resurrection and the miracles happening everywhere around the world.

Today at the beginning of New Year, let us submit ourselves to the Word of God brought to us through bible. We need Mother Mary’s assistance in this. Let us pray for her intercession so that the Lord’s grace is abundant upon as was for the Israelites. Amen.

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