Vow of Celibacy: An Overview


The vow of Celibacy is a promise made to God to give up marriage and renounce all external and internal acts forbidden by the sixth and ninth commandments under pain of double sin; one against the low of God and the other against the virtue of religious life. This vow contains two elements namely; the voluntary forgoing of marriage, giving up our natural right to marry and a voluntary renunciation of all interior and exterior acts forbidden by the Divine Law. God wants us to be fully and mature. We should develop our distinctive womanly and motherly qualities of warmth, understanding and disinterested love in our celibate way of life in community and in our devoted service to others. Our vow of Celibacy is preserved more securely when we live a community life in sisterly love, foster healthy friendships, practice mortification, self-discipline and dedicate ourselves wholeheartedly to the apostolate. Celibate chastity of the Kingdom is actually a sharing in Christ’s own way of life. Christ the Lord Himself is the model of the virginal life of religious. He is the source of our Celibacy and consecrated Chastity. Renunciation of marriage for the sake of the Kingdom of God in actual practice means Celibacy for the sake of Christ. It is present where God truly rules, where HIS WILL is precisely obeyed in LOVE.

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