We will Multiply the Bread


Christmas Tide (8th January, 2019)

First Reading: 1 Jn 4:7-10
Gospel: Mk 6:34-44

In the first reading today, John is telling us about love of God. Since God is the source of love, we need to love one another.

God is love; and this is revealed to us when God sent his only son to this world so that we could have life through Him (Jesus Christ) the son came to us to be a sacrifice to all of us, in order take our sins away.

As we continue to listen to Mark in the gospel, we get to know another dimension of the love of God – Taking pity on the people – On realising that they are like sheep without a Shepherd. While the teaching of Jesus was at length, it was getting late and all were tired. Jesus was asking his disciples to give the people something to eat. there was hardly five loaves of bread and two fish which was too inadequate for a crowd of more than 5000 men.

Then Jesus took those five loaves of bread and two fish, raised it to heaven and said the blessing. HE asked it to be distributed.  All of them had as much as they wanted and the balance were twelve baskets full. May be to be distributed to all the twelve Tribes of Israel? – I assumes.

There are a few takeaways in this passage:

  1. Nothing is impossible to God
  2. God not only guides but he feeds too
  3. He feels pity on our situation and helps.
  4. God not only supplies sufficiently for that moment but preserves something for those who are not present at that moment.
  5. He is not only a forgiving God but a giving God too.

Conclusion: We will multiply the talents and gifts that were given to us and provide to those who deserve them as a token of our universal brotherhood. Amen.

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